History of Kajiwara Kougei


200 years since1807. Kajiwara Kougei will challenge the future of agriculture.

Kajiwara Kougei has been farming for more than 200 years since its predecessor, Eihachi Kajiwara, started farming in 1807. However, with the policy of reducing the amount of land devoted to rice cultivation after World War II, the family began to focus on tomato cultivation, taking advantage of the cool climate and temperature differences in Yamato Town. Our mission is to utilize the land and techniques inherited from our predecessors, and to deliver safe and secure farm products to the local community. Kajiwara Kougei will continue to farm for the happiness of our customers.



  • Eijiro Kajiwara

    The 3rd generationEijiro Kajiwara

  • Sadamu Kajiwara

    The 4th generationSadamu Kajiwara

  • Kenji Kajiwara

    The 5th generationKenji Kajiwara

200 years of challenging the changing times

It has been 200 years since the first generation established the Kajiwara family. Up until now, our ancestors have run through the rough and tumble of the times. We have a large cattle barn built about 100 years ago, which was inherited by the third generation, who was an adopted son. Even after we quit fattening cattle, it is still used with great care as a warehouse and workshop.

The fourth generation was said to have been a very intelligent man, but unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 43. I never saw him alive, but my great-grandmother always said, "If he had lived, he would have been a man who would definitely stand above others. " The fifth generation was a man who valued not only farming but also time for his own hobbies and enjoyment. This character may have been passed down to me today. I remember when I was a child, he would always put me in the car and take me somewhere. Looking back over the past 200 years, we are here today because of the efforts of our ancestors. They drew an irrigation channel from a river several kilometers away from this village, where water for agriculture was scarce, and it is thanks to them that we are able to farm in abundance today. I believe that my role in the 200th year of the Kajiwara family is to cherish what has been bequeathed to us, and at the same time, to change what needs to be changed to suit the new era that is coming.


1807 Eihachi, the first generation, becomes an independent farmer
1950 Yasuo, the 6th generation is born
1976 Kosuke Kou, the 7th generation is born
1993 Tomato cultivation begins
2016 Kosuke, the 7th generation, returns to his hometown and starts farming
2019 Establishment of Kajiwara Kougei
2019 Acquisition of Organic JAS