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Hundred Year Tomatoes to Enrich Summer

Kajiwara Kougei is a farmer who grows tomatoes in a high-altitude area over 600m high. Kumamoto is the largest producer of tomatoes in Japan. Most of them are grown in winter and spring on the flatlands, but in Yamato Town, where we live, tomatoes are grown in summer and fall to take advantage of the cool climate. Our seven generations of farmers put all of their wisdom and experience into growing tomatoes to bring you fresh tomatoes that will survive the hot summer months.

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200 years since our founding in 1807,
we will continue to farm for our customers

We have been farming for more than 200 years since our predecessors started farming in 1807. With the skills we have inherited and our passion for our customers, we will continue to deliver delicious farm products for our customers.

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Kajiwara Kougei RepresentativeKosuke Kajiwara

Born in 1976. Lives in Yamato Town, Kumamoto Prefecture. Seventh generation of a farming family. Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Law Faculty of Kyushu University, and started working for the Kumamoto Prefectural Office. With the birth of his child and a growing interest in food, he returned to his hometown with the desire to "deliver safe and secure food" and "make farming a dream job. Currently, as a father of three boys, he is engaged in farming while learning every day!

Hobbies: Photography, Reading
Favorite phrase: As long as you don't give up on challenges, there is no failure.

Kosuke Kajiwara
Kajiwara Kougei's Blog

Introducing Daily Records and Endeavors.

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We deliver seasonal vegetables.

We deliver tomatoes in season. Our tomatoes are grown with great care in the rich natural environment of the Yamato region and delivered via delivery service. The taste varies depending on the harvest time, but we offer the best tomatoes as possible.

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Notes on Delivery

・If you wish to purchase, please click the "Online Store" button.
・After receiving your order e-mail, we will send you back the information on how to proceed.
・The number of tomatoes depends on the conditions at the time of harvest, so we do not accept specific order requests. Thank you for your understanding.
・We apologize, due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns due to customer's convenience.
・If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.